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Power Treatments

No Age Juvenizer

549,00 DKK
549,00 DKK

Skin lifting gel with hyaluronic acid – defines and relaxes face con­tour-Light to medium effect.
2 droplets daily- For an immediate visible and palpable skin relief.
Expression wrinkles, mimic wrinkles, loose and dull color skin are some examples of external signs of aging skin.
No – Age Juvenizer reduces the neuron activity of skin cells and defines skin silhouette in its natural way. The effect of No-Age Juvenizer is immediately visible and palpable.
Upon application, the preparation begins immediately to work on skin,prickling sensation on skin could be felt, skin normalizes after 2 minutes.
No-Age Juvenizer does not only have lifting effect, it possesses high moisturizing effect also on skin, as a result of its high percentage of hyalu­ronic acid.

How to apply:
Apply one droplet of gel on cleansed and toned skin. Keep eyes closed during application.
The gel begins to work, prickling sensation on skin should be palpable for about 2 minutes. Take a look in the mirror for an immediate result.
Then apply the day cream, do not massage cream completely on skin, mix the 2nd droplet of No-Age Juvenizer with rest of cream on skin and mas­sage mixture upwards from face middle towards face contour. Prickling sensation would again be palpable.
Apply Pure Silk Powder for the finish.
The skin would appear visibly lifted, younger and fresher. 

Area of application:
No-Age Juvenizer is a moderate anti-aging skincare for all skin types, especially when first signs of elastosis appear.

 No- Age Juvenizer is free from preservative and perfume.